About Us

If you or your loved one is dealing with incontinence and Medicaid, an understanding voice on the other end of a phone line can bring tremendous relief.

When you call Home Products Healthcare, you’ll always speak with a compassionate, highly trained professional.  They not only understand bladder control issues and the workings of Medicaid, but your concerns, too.  Whether you call once or many times, you’ll always receive our utmost respect, while we answer your questions, recommend products, send you samples, or simply listen.

Home Products Healthcare is a Medicaid-approved provider of home-delivered incontinence and related personal care products.  We’ve helped thousands of adults, youth, and children receive incontinence products that are just right for their special needs and completely paid for by Medicaid.

You inspire us to give our best, and we are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our services.

To make your life easier, we also provide

  • Direct Medicaid billing
  • We will work with your doctor to obtain your prescriptions
  • Fast and free shipping, right to your doorstep
  • Knowledgeable product consultation
  • Extensive, in-stock product selection
  • Product samples to determine what works best for you
  • Personalized service (you can always talk with the same person)
  • Education materials to help you manage incontinence
  • Wide product selection for containment, skin care, cleanup, and more Email and Fax options for communicating Privacy protection, per HIPAA and Medicaid regulations Guaranteed satisfaction.

Why wait?  Contact us today and you’ll soon know the relief of having quality incontinence products delivered right to your door, as regular as clockwork.

Our friendly, knowledgeable Medicaid Specialists are waiting to help with your incontinence product needs, and most important, to take one more worry off your plate.  Home Products Healthcare serves Medicaid recipients in many states.  To find out if we are an approved provider in your state give us a call at 1-800-425-1101.

If you are Medicaid eligible and reside full-time in Illinois, Ohio, or Washington, you can receive your required incontinence products at no cost to you. Delivery service and patient instruction are also provided at no cost to you. We will work directly with your physician to gather all required documentation and get the products you need.

Home Products Healthcare meets all the requirements to bill Medicaid on your behalf.
  It is important that you speak with an Home Products Healthcare Incontinence Specialist to establish your level of need and to find the best product for you. We will ask you to provide us with certain information which will allow us to provide your incontinence supplies.

Thank you for allowing us to help provide the care that you deserve.
If you have additional questions about Home Products Healthcare, please e-mail our customer service department at info@hp4s.com or call us at 1-800-425-1101, Monday through Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm eastern time.