Our Mission

We at Home Products Healthcare realize how much thought and energy goes into the care of a child or adult with different abilities or into the care of an aging parent. The customers whom we are privileged to serve have made us more aware of how fortunate we are, and SO WE STRIVE:

  • To make life easier for our customers
  • To give everyone the same quality of service as we would to our own families
  • To ensure that they are treated with the utmost dignity and respect
  • To be as flexible as possible in our processes and policies
  • To go that extra mile, that extra hour, that added step, that they might have a better quality of life, because we care

Since 1986, our family of friendly, knowledgeable Medicaid Specialists has been dedicated to doing all we can to make life easier for our customers and their loved ones.  We specialize in providing high quality diapers and incontinence products, home-delivered to Medicaid recipients as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We Deliver to You!

Home Products Healthcare is authorized to serve Medicaid recipients in the following states:




By working directly with your doctors and Medicaid, we can take away the burden of obtaining incontinence products that are right for your needs.  Over the years, we’ve helped many customers in situations like yours.  We hope you’ll place your trust in us, too.

Our large selection of brand-name and specialty incontinence products is in stock and ready to ship (same day, in most cases) right to your doorstep.  What you will see, and feel, is the warmth and wisdom of our Medicaid Specialists. Life can be better…just give us a call at 1-800-425-1101.

If you are not a Medicaid recipient, we can still help you find the right incontinence products: please visit www.HomeDiaperDelivery.com for more information.