Home Products Healthcare carries an extensive selection of incontinent and medical supplies for qualified Medicaid recipients.  Our products allow you to be active and confident throughout daily activities without fear of embarrassing accidents.  To begin the brief qualification process, please click on the image of the product you’re interested in receiving.  You’ll be directed to a short form to determine your eligibility.

briefs and diapers

Briefs / Diapers

underwear pullups

Underwear Pullups

slip on undergarments

Slip-On Undergarments



men's gaurds

Men's Guards



belted undergarments

Belted Undergarments

bed and chair pads

Bed / Chair Pads

Gloves Re-usable Underpads

Free Samples of Products are available after pre-qualification and application submission to determine which incontinence products are correct for specific conditions. To take advantage of the 2-free samples from Home Products Healthcare, please click here to Apply Now.