UI Absorbent Products

  • The Founder and Executive Publisher, Al Neuharth, of USA Today, who in a September 20-22,2002 editorial revealed his own incontinence and use of absorbent products. In his essay, he quoted an estimated 1.69 billion adult diapers sold in that year in this country, compared to just 700 million ten years earlier, and only 392 some 20 years prior.
  • When NAFC surveyed our consumer subscribers over 7 years ago, about 60% (59.9%) said that they used some type of disposable liner or pad or underwear. It is noteworthy that at that time 26.8% of all women with incontinence said they used sanitary napkins and 17.4% of all women used tissues, paper towels, or toilet paper in lieu of any specially designed absorbent product. Similarly, 26.5% of all men who responded said they used reusable pads, diapers, or other reusable briefs. Again, in the same survey, the average respondent claimed to have spent $946 managing incontinence (including absorbent products, inserts and pessaries) in the past year, although 57.0% indicated they had spent less than $500 a year. Those are 1999 numbers.

If you are NOT on Medicaid, but are still interested in home delivered adult incontinence products, diabetic testing supplies, and other general in-home care needs, please visit our other site, Home Diaper Delivery.